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It depends on character archetype. Sukeban, for example, almost alwyas will have a long skirt, often accompanied with a mask, bat or a chain. So, anime portraying school will portray similar uniform. Then, of course, there are fanservice-oriented anime and anime that obsess over zettai ryoki. Most anime girls wear short skirts for fan service reasons.
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Zettai ryƍiki - Wikipedia

The term first became widespread in otaku slang as one of the attributes of moe characters in anime and manga , but it is now used by the general public in Japan. The term originates from the anime series Neon Genesis Evangelion , where it was used with a different meaning. Field" A. The idea of a "holy area no one can intrude upon" was where the current meaning of the term originated.
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anime skirt

A key visual in this is an essential piece of wardrobe: the skirt. Their skirts are colorful as the rainbow colors of their hair. We also know they love their skirts, they wear them in winter or in summer, in class or in combat and we love them, too.


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